Deciding Between a Refinish and a Recoat in Thornton or Broomfield, CO?

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We're here to help you make an educated decision about your floor treatment. Refinishing and recoating require different levels of hardwood floor sanding. Floor sanding for a refinish removes a layer of wood, taking the floor down to raw wood. A recoat just needs an abrasive surface for the new coat to adhere to, prolonging the lifespan of your hardwoods.

When you need floor sanding service in Thornton & Broomfield, CO, trust the experts at Exquisite Hardwood for top-notch results.

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The benefits of a screen and recoat

A screen and recoat is a less intensive process than a refinish, and it can help your floors in the long run. A screen and recoat will:

  • Prevent the need to refinish your floors further down the line
  • Extend the life of your floors by not removing wood
  • Protect your floors from scratches and other damage

A screen and recoat also takes less time than a refinish. This process normally only takes a few hours instead of a few days, saving you time and money. To get the hardwood floor sanding process underway, call us today.